About Nirmal and Evil Bot

"I'm the one pointing towards the screen"

I’m a hacker, writer, artist, philosophy and many other things, too. I write various content related to my different interests, but they are tagged to suit your preference in browsing.

The hacker

I work with technologies ranging from desktop to mostly the web, mobile and sometimes embedded systems. I’m interested in great visual and architectural design of software and web.

I work at Embla Software Innovation as a software engineer.

I’m a great believer and activist in software and information freedom. I’m enthusiastic about information security philosophy, technology and issues and love active discussion.

I make contributions to various open-source projects including Jekyll, Wikimedia, Elementary OS, Mono and LESS CSS. I’m on GitHub as NirmalL.

The philospher

I’m an active free thinker and atheist, vocal about separation of religion and state. I’m active on social media about the abstract political issues of the world and like learning, researching and especially discussing with the like-minded.

I’m a conservative/republican.


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